What Is a Virtual Address?

virtual address

A virtual address is a binary number that is used to access a physical address. These addresses are stored in a virtual address space, which is the set of all such addresses. Virtual addresses are very useful in computer networking and are used by many computer programs. However, they come with a price. To learn more about virtual addresses, read on!

Logical address is a virtual address

A logical address is a virtual address created by a CPU during the execution of a program. A physical address can be accessed only with a corresponding logical address. The set of all logical addresses generated by the CPU is called the logical address space. A hardware device called the Memory-Management Unit (MMU) is responsible for mapping the logical address to a physical address.

Although logical and physical addresses are similar, the difference is that logical addresses may be different. For example, if two processes are using the same physical memory, their logical addresses may differ. A process shouldn’t have access to the same memory, so two programs using shared memory will map different logical addresses to it.

Virtual address is a binary number in virtual memory

A virtual address is a number that is stored in virtual memory. This number differs from the physical address in that it is not tied to a specific physical location on the computer’s main memory. It allows a process to use a space that is larger than its primary memory, as well as temporarily move the contents of the memory to another location. A virtual address differs from a physical address, which corresponds to a specific cell in primary memory or a register in a memory-mapped I/O device.

Virtual addresses are seven bits long, and are separated by a page number. The low-order bits indicate the page offset, while the high-order bits specify the virtual page number.

Virtual address is used to access the physical address

A virtual address is a number generated by the CPU when a program is running. These addresses do not exist physically, but a computer can access them via the OS’s Memory Management Unit (MMU). The physical address space is the collection of all logical addresses generated by the CPU. The physical address space is not accessed by programs or users until the operating system permits it.

The physical address and virtual address are mapped by the page table. A virtual address is composed of a page number and offset. The first page number is called a virtual address and the second page number is called the physical page number. The physical page number is obtained by appending an offset to the virtual page number. The page table is typically stored in hardware in a register. The page table entry contains a valid and invalid bit.

Cost of virtual address

Using a virtual address is a convenient way to register a company and streamline your business mail. Many providers offer an array of features, including a live receptionist, additional telephone answering services, and meeting rooms for clients. When you search for virtual address providers online, enter the city or state in which you wish to conduct business, and add services as desired. Depending on the type of plan, you can also pay extra for certain features. When you decide to use a virtual address, you will also need to sign up for US postal services. These forms are required by US postal service, and they will allow you to send and receive commercial mail on behalf of your business.

One way to reduce the cost of virtual address translation is to use dedicated hardware that implements Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB). This is a translation cache and hides the majority of the virtual address translation cost. When a virtual address is not present, the operating system must make a complex physical memory access to find the address. This process, known as walking the page table, is expensive.

Choosing a Virtual Office in Singapore

virtual office in singapore

When it comes to choosing a virtual office in Singapore, location is a very important factor. The right location will give your company the impression that it is well-established and thriving, and it will make it easy for your clients to reach you. A few of the most desirable locations are Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Raffles Quay, Battery Road, Clarke Quay, and North Bridge Road.

Quality of facilities

Located in a prime business district, a virtual office in Singapore will give the impression of a large company in a prime business location. Additionally, the business district is convenient for clients. Some good locations for a virtual office are Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Clarke Quay, North Bridge Road, and Raffles Quay. The prices of virtual offices at Regus start at S$178 per month and vary depending on the services you require. In addition, many Regus offices offer flexible payment terms.

The attitude of the employer has a direct impact on an employee’s personal life and productivity. When employees feel that their employer cares about them and provides ample support and guidance, they are likely to be more productive. Additionally, a location with minimal commute times will make a big difference to productivity.


When you’re searching for a virtual office space in Singapore, there are many factors to consider. First, consider the location of the building. For instance, a location in the CBD will have many prestigious companies based here, including major banks, insurance companies, and other multinational companies. Another factor to consider is how accessible the location is.

A virtual office in Singapore with a prime location is advantageous for marketing purposes. It gives the impression of being part of a thriving business community, and it is easy for potential clients to reach your business. Some of the best addresses to consider include Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Raffles Quay, Clarke Quay, and North Bridge Road.

Cost of renting a virtual office

Renting a virtual office in Singapore is an excellent way to get a business address in a prestigious city. For as little as $5 a month, you can have your own business address in a central location, impressing potential customers and clients. In addition, you won’t have to worry about office equipment, staff salaries or overheads.

Costs vary depending on the type of virtual office you choose. Generally, the price is lower than a physical office, because there are no employees to pay. And the purchase process is simple – you simply choose which services you need and how long you need to use them. In addition, the contract you sign can be flexible. Often, the longer the duration of the lease, the lower the monthly rental fee will be.